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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Miniature Throwback Thursday (3): Guard Fancese

 Early readers of this blog may recall this image above the Masthead.
The Gardes Francaises the senior infantry regiment of the Royal Army of France.
 Here we have some newer photos for Throwback Thursday.  Close inspection shows an unfortunate pebbling from the poor primer I used.  I am not 100% sure when I painted these they were completed before launching this blog in late 2009 so I will guess they were painted in 2008 or early in 2009.
 Despite the low quality priming either because of humidity or the quality of the primer it self they cam out really well. I've always been pleased with the lace work since its no there on the miniature I had to paint it free hand.  My one regret is that I didn't copy and size the flags..
Rear shot showing the lace on the tails.  These are Old Glory 15s.  I wouldn't do much differently if I did the same unit today. Maybe a little more wash on the faces and gaiters. Also a better primer would probably help.

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