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Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Retreat on the Eastern Front Flames of War Mid-war

 Its been a long time since I played flames of war and Austin and I made on error right off the bat, as Austin placed placed his objective 1st.  We decided not to worry about it.  It gave me a slight advantage...
 That's a lot of Russians...
 I mean a whole lot of Russians
  I am playing the Spaniards of Division Azul 
Austin moves up one unit with Recon infiltration...
 Then the rest of the army moves up thei is the view one of my observers has...
 That's the big pictures... I got hits on the infantry units at the top with my air power but my artillery missed the HMG Platoon.
 Austin starts to close in..
 Fortunately my defensive fire is pretty devastating and rips some serious holes in the penal company.
 On my turn my air power comes in again the artillery does no damage but..
 I pin the HMGs and kill two T34s.
 But Russians seem to stretch form horizon to horizon.
 Armor is closing in...
 As are infantry I didn't get any reserves this turn which is bad my artillery pin both units but don't kill many people.
 I';m having some success against he T34s with ca combination AT guns, and air power .
 My mortars arrive and smack the SMG company.
 I got lucky with my AT guns but Austen are swinging in on the left... I got armor but made a big error putting them with in 4 inches of soviet troops Austin had to roll three tank terror test and shoot one of his men using the commissar to get them moving and the initial attack didn't go well but they motivate to go in again...
 and he rolls really well and I roll terrible save...
I lose two tanks and would lose two guns at lest in the after math.  We have to pack up at this point I killed lots of Russian but Austin is still in good shape though I think I could hold my objective.  We'll call this one a draw.

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