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Monday, August 3, 2015

Dog Soldiers

 Two more Critter Kingdoms figures by Darksword Miniatures. These are the hound barbarian and ranger.
 Darksword calls this one Molly but I may not use that name.  Clearly this dog means business with its two handed double bite ax (and sword for back up).
 I like the helm its  nice balance between practical and eye catching with its etched band.  The fur cloak looks good and I added snow flock to it as if the figure had been standing guard in the snow.
 Darksword calls the Ranger Cleo... One of the things I like about this line is they are not obviously mail or female (as is often the case with many animals). Obviously this archer plans to stand her ground as she has stabbed some arrows into the stump so they can be drawn faster. (not sure how this would work in real life).
Since this cloak is billowing in the wind I put few snow flakes on it but a few are still clinging or just landed.  I plan to use both these guys for Frostgrave either in an all animal war band or with humans.  I have been thinking these guys might work with the Egyptians/mummy war band after all the Ancient Egyptians had several dog headed anthropomorphic deities so having troops who look like that would be fairly natural.

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