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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Save Sister Sara (final?) play test

No Throwback Thursday miniature this week.  John and I were supposed to play Dux but at the last minute I asked him if he would let me run my Naval Thunder game that I will present at Hobby bunker game day.  John was a sporting fellow and agreed.  John took the American fleet.n 
 Japanese destroyers under fire early
 The Japanese fleet as seen at a distance form the USS North Carolina.
 Haruna and Kirishima make the turn to engage the US fleet as they come in range. In the distance Quincy is burning form hits inflicted by the Haruna
 The Japanese draw fist book sinking a US Destroyer.  The range is closing fast
 Haruna takes aim at an causes flooding to the Saratoga John has beat up on the two battle Cruisers but no major damage to the Japanese fleet
 Two US Destroyers are sunk by the Tako a Japanese destroyer is also sunk. Torpedo hits the North Carolina but does not penetrate the armor belt
 Kirishima is on fire and Haruan is hit in the engine machinery.
 Torpedoes are launched at Saratoga and none hits
 Saratoga turns away leaking badly form multiple hites The Quincy is badly damaged as well.
 The fleets are not practically at pike and cutlass range  Japanese Destroyer captains  are heard to say "hold my Sake and watch this" as they charge past the US cruisers and Battle Cruiser hopping to get the Saratoga. the exchange is deadly John hits both Battle cruisers badly and I pull Kirishima out of the line but she takes out one of North Carolina main battery turrets... Kirishima is burning and flooding from damage she takes in turn. The Destroyers are sunk by secondary armament fire
The Quincy is taken out by fire form the Japanese cruisers and the Chester explodes with a hit on her magazine.
John almost get one more Japanese but the ship remains afloat with only two points of hull remaining.  The North Carolina is savaged by multiple short range torpedo hits and then the Japanese Cruisers chase down the gallant Saratoga.  This was the clearest Japanese victory yet.  John's dice were the worst I have seen an American player roll, he was especially unlucky on the critical hit table... I had lots of ships with no secondary armament but that sort of damage doesn't win battles. I also had the best dice I have seen a Japanese player have... the the result was one sided but I still think the balance work or would have if our dice had behaved

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