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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Leopards, and Wolves and Bears OH MY!

Some more Bones miniatures by Reaper to help populate a Frostgrave table. These are all form the Animal companion pack and could serve as animal companions or wandering monsters.
 I still have the Hawk an badger to paint but the snow Leopard, Wolf and Bear are ready to go.
 One of the local Zoos has a pair of very active and beautiful snow Leopards.  As Ariana and I are members we visit often and I had a lot of pictures to use as reference.
 How well I used them is a open to interpretation but over all I like how they came out.
I find it really hard to simulate real fur on a miniature there is a lot of texture and  nuance to how fur interacts with light that makes it hard to capture. 
 The Wolf is my least favorite of these miniatures its a good pose hunched down and aggressive like its ready to fight or run...
 but the the hunched down appearance made hi hard to get details the raised fur it should have on its neck ad shoulders isn't as evident as it should be. Wolves have multi layer fur with levels in two or three colors so they are especially hard to paint.
 The Bear! my favorite animal of the group and the best sculpts.  The position suggests movement but not necessarily aggression.  Bears are big and powerful and in most cases rising up to their full height ends most fights before they even start, so having a pose that suggest curiosity more than aggression was a great choice.
I also think I got the best effect on the fur here probably a combination of the quality of the sculpt and the fact that dark brown, with a back wash, with a light brown dry brush is the simplest combination.

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