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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Battle Field in a Box Bargains for Frost Grave

So this last weekend was the sale tax holiday here in Massachusetts so I was bargain hunting. I found these two items in the Hobby Bunker's yard sale section. Both are Gale Force 9 battlefield in a box. The first is called Fallen Angel.
I like the colored piece of tile here too often ruins are a single color in gaming... and in real life that tends not to be the case.
This part is called Collapsed Monument,  I looks like it could be another part of the same structure...
Or perhaps not as is has a bit more height than the first piece.
I am not sure if I will add snow flock to this or maybe some more rubble.  I am going to leave them alone for now but you will see them on a Frostgrave table soon.

Two other notes. First for my local readers this is 3 Troll  painting night and its well worth the visit if you can make it.  They have a new selection of Bones Miniatures if you need a project.

Second today and tomorrow is the annual Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon  to raise money for cancer research.  Its a great local charity here in Boston supporting the Dana-Farbar Cancer institute  that treats people (directly or indirectly) world wide.  Consider making a donation if you can.

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