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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Miniature Throwback Thursday (2) Pulaski's Dragoons

Today I am Going WAY BACK! to my college days. These guys were painted in 1997 or 1998 (yes I am that old).
 These are Essex Figures I got a Napoleons one of my favorite game stores of all times.  It was located in Milwaukee(it closed many years ago now) where I went to college and the store ran an ad in the school news paper that read "6000 years of carnage all under one roof." It was awesome, only Hobby Bunker can compare for selection of historical figures.  These guys are meant to been Dragoons form Pulaski's Legion, I was new to 15mm in those day and it shows.  I had yet to learn the value of a good wash but give that I had only the advice of my then room mate Rob Burr and a few articles to go on for guidance they aren't bad.  The boots are gray because that was the color they were in the Osprey book and I had yet to learn to take Osprey color plates with a grain of salt.
The Flag is pure speculation on my part clearly the modern Polish flag was my inspiration.  I would still put these guys on the table today... though I might also strip them and re paint them, if I ever run out of projects, HA!

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