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Monday, August 31, 2015

And here I thought July was big...

So July showed 8,051 visitors and I was was pretty excited because that was more than 3000 hits more than my next highest month.  Now August is winding down and I have over 12,000 so far! (with a few more hours to go).  This is a quantum  leap in readership over the last two months.

So I am left wondering how this is happening.  One thing I am pretty sure is not happening is spam bots.
There are a few things that might account for this.  1) Naval Thunder, this is a new game to me and its had me posting the Steel Dreadnoughts Forum and that seems to have gotten me some new traffic. 2) My jump into Frostgrave introduced me to the Lead Adventure forum and another new pool of readers. Some of the traffic here definitely part of the enthusiasm for this new game.  3) I've gotten a few shout outs from War Games Recon's podcast I have not seen any referrals from his webpage but there has been a jump in web searches for "Fencing Frog" so this may have a roll. So thanks Jon 4) Throwback Thursday, this has gotten some response here and on Facebook. 5) I am sure there are other contributors I haven't pick up on.
How ever you new people got here I am glad you dropped in and I hope you stick around.  I would also like to invite any new readers to send me your blog(if you have one) so I can follow you check you out and follow you if its anything that interests me (and my interests are pretty broad as you have probably noticed).

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