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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sinking Sister Sara: Hobby Bunker Game day

So No matter how you playtest a game on the day itself there are two things you can't control.. 1) the dice 2) the tactics you players will use. 
Curt out Lead Japanese admiral (he was joined part way through by Ben Gross) and the Japanese fleet Two Battle Cruisers, 4 Cruisers, and 4 Destroyers
The American Fleet lead by Rich Clayton begins its advance.
And take the Japanese fleet under fire... but no hits are scored.
Haruna and Kirishima under fire.
The fleets begin close so far the Chester has taken some damage bu no seriously hits are yet recorded.
Now we are at knife range after only 3 turns the quickest closing of the two fleets so far in fact this looks more like tow fleets of galleys charging straight at eachother.
Chester and Chokai are both burning Chokai was hit by the Washington and hit hard.  Chester took frie form Haruna and various cruisers. Chest is the first major ship to sink.
As you can see both sides have lost several destroyers but two Japanees destroyers are in the right pace and launch their fish...
Washington is hit by 5 Japanese Torpedoes and three punch through her armored belt... massive amounts of water is pouring in and US damage control is soon hard press.
Quincy is hit and loses two main guns.
Japanese cruisers aim at Saratoga...
Washington hits the Haruana hard with her last volley doing major damage... but return fire takes her down...
Saratoga is hit by multiple gun shots and three torpedoes hit her as well
The Japanse ships close isn 
More torpedoes fine the Saratoga and she sinks... The US was a total loss in the battle and the Japanese didn't lose a shingle ship.  Haruna and Kako were badly hit enough that one or both of them might have sunk on the way home but this was the most decisive Japanese victory of them all.

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