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Saturday, August 8, 2015


  Ariana is Wedding Dress shopping today so I met up with Tyler to get in another game of Frostgrave.
This time I took the Witch (and found her a lot of fun to play) 
 Tyler borrowed my figures but played a Chronomancer.
 We both fine our selves facing zombies early on... I hit my with an arrow...
 Tyler handled his more directly
 He also took out on of my soldiers with a single shot!
 We are both going for treasure early on (look at those terracotta warriors my newest terrain)
 The dog thief has treasure!
 The Terracotta warriors strike and hit one of Tylers soldiers
 Running off with treasures
 My mouse archer almost almost kills the soldiers running but he gets away.
 Look at the troll looking out at Tyler's wizard.
 Both sides climb up to the second level.
 I have taken control of the demon and we have a huge melee going.
 That just get bigger when another of my soldiers joins us
 Tyler's wizard is caught between the troll and my thug... Tyler killed my thug.
 My apprentice tries to take out the treasure carrying soldier but misses
 The fight continues it take a lot to kill this one archer.
  Tyler's apprentice is on the ropes but is going for the last treasure token..
 The mouse archer takes him down.
 my Apprentice is down too
 As is Tyler's wizard
 But his men have the treasure and running I almost got him with an long rang shot
 I have my 3rd treasure token.
 Tyler gets away with his last treasure token.   We both got enough experience for two levels.  The game was a lot of fun.  The more I play this the more I enjoy it.

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