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Monday, August 24, 2015

Breakthrough (2) The American attack

This time I was defending... Unlike Chris I didn't concentrate in a single quadrant.  I stated with my Panthers as my one mobile unit,  my Panzer Grenadiers without their halftracks...
And my Artillery on the far side of the board.  Chris had poor shooting on turn one getting 0 kills. 
On my turn I ranged in on the security section of the Tank Destroyer killing the Jeep and one of the M20 Armored cars.
The Panthers and Easy8 then began and long range shipping with 75mm and 76mm guns that the Americans slowly got the worst of.
The US air cam in and took a shot at my Panthers but didn't get any hits...
Turn 3 my Panzer IV come in from reserve and take out on Sherman 76 and bail out another 76
Turn 4 Sherman 105s and Sherman Calliopes arrive be hind me.
The Calliopes ignore the Panthers and focus on the Artillery.
The even get some hits but Fire power is too week to kill
105s Vs Panthers is not a fair fight and after bouncing hits off my side armor I take down those tanks.
The following turn I take out the calliopies  and cause the tank destroyers to with draw...
Chris's army is down two platoons and has only three active tank with the calliopies are down to one active unit so they will go down soon... Chris Concedes.  Chris's  list needs some work but he played well in this game and had three of my platoons in difficult shape.

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