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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Cave and other picece

So Frost Grave is supposed to be an Urban(ish) environment but to me the game sort of screams "dungeon" as in Dungeons and Dragons.  I wanted to have a least some sense of this on the board so. 
I took one of AJ's templates painted it black added some rocks to indicate the entrance.  I was going to do rocks all around but realized that would make the piece quite heave so used cork pained gray to resemble stone instead. Its not perfect but it does define it as a set off area.
With my stalactites and fungus(with some scorpions to make it scary) from Reaper added in we have something that seems cave like.  
Finally these came with my Dungeon Decor set from Reaper's Bones II Kickstarter I've been adding them in buildings for Frostgrave as interior terrain. I didn't think they warranted a whole entry for them selves so I am adding them on here.

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