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Friday, March 1, 2013

More Maurice Armies

These were not intended as with any particular player in mind just some more armies for inspiration. The first was build with the historic Reich Army in mind.
With only three Regular infantry and two regular cavalry you irregulars will have to do some heavy lifting. The Artillery however is quite good The big problem will come in managing the forces but on a terrain heavy board it should hold its own and 15 is a fairly high route number.

This next army was inspired by the book Lions of Al-Rasan by Guy Gavriel Kay. The Kingdoms of Jad as loosely based on Spain but have more of a horse culture.  I tried to imagine this country and army in 18th century. This is my first pass at an army with Cavalry as the dominant arm.
 I would probably make at least some of the infantry pike armed(-1 Fire power +1 combat and +2 combat vs. Horse) using them a a base form which my superior cavalry could strike. The lack of artillery is a potential issue but but not one that I think will cripple this army.  Route Level is low and that is the biggest issue with this army I think it will win or loose fast not necessarily in a quick game but once the horsemen find their moment they with over throw the enemy or break.

Always interested in feed back.