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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bussy Weekend of Gameing 1 Three Trolls

Well when Ariana is working on Saturday I get to drop in on the guys at 3 Trolls.  Unfortunately my copy of Victory at Sea had not arrived but I picked up the order of battle book.

I then got to observes a game of Bolt Action before heading out to meet Ariana for her lunch break.
 The scenario invollved the rescue of a downed american flyer with important intelligence info
 The pilot is hiding in here and US commander and Medic are lookng for him while their platoon provides cover
 US commanders discuss strategy.
 The Germans are on the move. 
 US troops consolidated around the farm.
The German commanders begin to push on the dug in Americans. At this point I had to leave the game was flowing well and every one was having fun. Bolt action looks like good fun I'm just hesitant to paint in the 28mm scale.    It looked like the game might end in a draw the US had a long way to go to get the pilot out in the 3 turns remaining but I don't think the Germans could catch them either.