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Friday, March 8, 2013

Orchards/Light Forests

So I have some very cool forest trees coming from Adventure Terrain (at some point) but I have some Woodland Scenic trees I wanted to find a use for.   Stands of treas come in two flavors, natural and human designed these are intended as the second sort.

 I used some wooden bases form a craft store, added trees a mix of several flock covers and some aquarium gravel. to dress them up.
 I did two of these smaller bases that are about two inches wide by six inches long.
 The are small enough I can put them on a hill and might also work as a "park" or small orchard among some houses. The second small wood was not ready when the pictures were taken
 The two large woods are on bases a little below 6 inches square.
 I might like some thing a bit less regular but Orchards are often fairly regular and these do well for that perporus. Also a lot of forests in Europe(at least in modern times) were panted by humans and the trees often run in straitish lines
 The tree scale is believable for apple or other fruit treas but not so much for a true Forrest but this is one of those things we just live with as gamers.