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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bussy Weekend of Gaming 4 The Whiz Tournament Game 2

My Next battle was with Jose and his 7th Armored list, lots and lots of good US tanks and Tank Destroyers,With Abrams. The mission was dust up, a tricky mission since one has to play a bit of offense and defense at the same time, its hard to pick the right force mix and hard to strike the right balance.  I put down my infantry in rough L pattern to cover both objectives covered the back with my Artillery and also put down a Platoon of StuGs to give me a mobile strike force.
Jose put down his two tank platoons each with a jumbo an two 76 Sherman tanks.  He also had Abrams with him. I good bit of excellent US Armor.
Jose made good use of cover though out the game it slowed his advance a bit but not much.  I was mostly stuck with "sniper" shots at long range by one or two StuGs I was lucky with these.
This looks almost a little silly but both of us are trying to avoid offering too many targets. I only have three StuGs if I show them to a number of US Tanks it will get ugly fast.
Jose looses another tank to sniping. Then he makes little mistake but an important one he bunches up 3 tanks.
My artillery makes its one big contribution to the battle Killing two tanks and bailing another.
Then Jose gets his only little surprise for me Tank Destroyers he swings and misses but...
So do I on my turn as both my StuGs and Artillery forget how to shoot. Jose has pushed me I have armor to my front and rear and though I have bled him he is pushing me back and has killed my CO.  Only my PanzerFaust armed infantry and his bad luck with the dice is keeping him from going for the kill. But he as also made a mistake uncovering his rear objective.
I race my reserves who arrive as a clump to the position. Jose Tries to counter double timing but his force is decimated by my fire and I secure the objective. This give me a 7-1 win my second of the day but Jose plays well and again the dice have been kind to me.