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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

City Block

I have a good collection of houses that work well as a rural village but I wanted some more urban looking buildings so I got these JR Miniature pieces from Noble Knight.
 These are all from the Italian collection.  They also work for French I think, especially southern French. They would not look terribly out of place in northern Europe.
 As I look at the colors they bring beach houses to mind though I think that impression is more the case when they are alone then when viewed together. This is a three story building possibly a small hotel or apartment building. 
 The silver gray color really works nicely for houses and makes the trim stand out.
 Slant roof house "front"
 Slant roof house "back"
 I had mixed feelings about this one but on more consideration it may be my favorite of the group.

 I have started building some bases to work with these houses.  I am not sure what I will do with the center area.  I feel like a fountain or stature should be there.
 Some alternative basing I want to get some more of these too bad JR miniatures buildings are already getting scarce.