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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maurice as a multi player game

OK so I only have two games under my belt with Maurice but I really like the rules with one exception, its strictly a two player game.  Yes you can play a game of doubles but that is still fairly limiting.

I have put some thought into this and think I may have come up with a system that could work.  I hope to give it a try this weekend.

So with out further preamble here are my purposed house rules for multi-player Maurice.

Each side has a CinC who holds all the cards(pun intended) for his side and determines when and how they are used.
Additional players will be divided as evenly as possible between the two sides given command of a brigade consisting of 1 or more units, additional players shall be referred to as Brigadiers.
Each Brigadier will have a notable card and must attach to a specific unit as per normal rules for Notables
The CinC issues orders as normal taking cards and the CinC determines if there will be a volley phase. The CinC then issues orders to a force under his command as per normal orders a force may include one or more brigades as long as normal definitions for a force are followed
After the CinC has issued his orders (but before any combat takes place) Brigadiers of inactive Brigades (those not part of a force commanded by the CinC) may attempt to issue an order to his Brigade.  To do this he roll 2d6 and compares it to his command ratting (7 is the default command ratting) if he scores his command ratting or better he may issue a command to his brigade (Bombard, March, Charge or Rally). 
The following modifiers apply to the command roll:
+1 issuing the same command as the CinC (Bombard, March, Charge or Rally). 
+1 Order in keeping with the Brigadiers “instinct”
-1 issuing a contrary order with in 16 base widths of the CinC (Bombard/Rally vs. March/Charge)
 Important if a Brigade was part of a force that was issued and order by the CinC the Brigadier may not issue an order of his own.
So the sequence of play is slightly modified
1. Volley Phase
2. CinC Passes, Plays Event or declares action and takes cards.
3. CinC makes any moves related to his action. (March or Charge)
4. Brigadiers attempt their actions if any.
5. All actions(combats, Rallys and bombardments) are resolved.  

The Rights to Maurice are wholly  owned by Sam Mustafa And these suggested house rules are in no way intended as an infringement of those Rights