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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Firestorm Armada 1st game

 Tim and I met up at game castle for some Scifi war gaming his Directorate fleet against my Aquan fleet.
Be for we get to that I have finished paintng my frigates done in  back and dark gray color sceam with red highlights these look very much like Peace Keeper ships from Farscape (at least as far as the paint job goes).
 A Cruiser eye view of tehe directorate fleet as the enemy cruisers move forward. I got in a lucky hit on the battle ship on the right (by the planet) using these ships torpedoes. Aquan Torpedoes are deadly as they can fire though any arc up to 32 inches. 
 My Frigates maneuver though an astaroid field we took a hit on one ship doing this.
 War Moya opens fire on the Directorate battle ship scoring a few hits.
Tim will not let that go unanswered.

As Moya is hit in her turn fortunatly my shield limited some of the damage.
 But Tim's Cruisers and Frigates have crossed my T and inflict more damage it will all come down to the next imitative roll
 Which I win and Moya plows into the enemy formation firing starboard broad sides at the enemy battleship and destroying it. I front arch guns hit the cruiser on the right destroying it and my port broad side gets a lucky critical on the cruiser on the left causing it to explode doing damage to the frigates around it.
 Tim is not please with my good luck and I cannot blame him.
 I fully expect to see Moya go up but Tim has bad luck with the dice he does kill my frigates and then turn on my cruisers killing two of them. Then I finish off his last cruiser and two frigates and we decide to call it a game.
Historic games were not absent last night Rob commanding the Red Army punched through Teds US army tank force in a game of Cold War commander.