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Monday, March 11, 2013

French excercise at the Whiz

 On a peaceful section of French country side two French captains met for a tactical exercise. I was running my early war recon for the first time. Jerry had a formidable French tank company with 15 Hothckiss tanks.
 This did present Jerry with some challenges deploying but once he was set up....
 and armored wave was headed my way.   My position was strong but with so many tanks infantry...
 Was going to have to be lucky...
 and mine was not. Jerry had some great dice early on while I failed 7 motivation checks in a row!
 On my turn I brought a batter of 105s, 3 Panhards, 4 25mm AT guns and two Soumas guns to bear on one platoon and got one kill and 3 bailed... Yeah I was having that kind of day!
 The Vineyards gave Jerry some maneuver challenges but not enough to realy slow him down.
 Gerry brought focused fire on this objective....
 Any ou can see he had a lot better luck then I did (3 AT guns not seen in the previous picture are also dead!).
 I did hurt one of Jerry's tank platoons badly reducing it to 1 tank but he stuck around.
 Several assaults latter I am down to one infantry stand he made his moral check to stick around and we had to call the game. We did a bad job tracking time so we may have timed out in tournament if we did I won 5-2 if not then I think Jerry would have eventually claimed a 6-1 or 5-2 victory. 
Lets call this one a draw and consume some of vineyards produce shall we?
There were some other great games going on and here are some pictures.