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Friday, March 8, 2013

Can We save Higgins Armory?

I learned some truly sad news today.  The Higgins Arms and Armory Museum  will close December 31 of 2013. 

I am  very disappointed to hear this as this is one of my favorite local Museums and the only one in the US with its unique focus.  I have made a number of trips there my self and I am always impress with the displays and with the amazing staff who not only speak knowledgeably  about the arms and armor but provide realistic demonstration of their use.

Its been a few years since I visited but I visit the website fairly often and follow them on Facebook.  I was not aware they were in any trouble.  I feel this is a local treasure and we should save it if we can. I appeal to the Higgins Staff to think outside the box  and find a way to stay open. Maybe a Kick-starter program or a pennies campaign like the one that saved the USS Constitution.   I offer the services of my blog to help get the word out and  am willing to make donation (sadly I con only afford a small one) if it would help.

If you have never been to the Higgins and you can make it before they close make the trip this is a national treasure and if it cannot be preserved it should be enjoyed while it is hear.