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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bussy Weekend of Gaming 5 The Whiz Tournament Game 3

For may last battle I was the attacker in a No Retreat scenario facing Phil(the eventual winner of the tournament) and his Glider Infantry. I should have had the foresight to get a shot of the full table so you could see exactly what I was dealing with, A tough opponent and a table that was not giving me any edge.
With two hedges needed to cross the center of the table I just had to risk the bog check mostly I was OK.  I tried to move a head as fast as I could but it was hard sledding.  My goal was to get the objective on the right while forcing Phil to cover the left and hope his reserve rolls were bad. 
Oh look my plan "worked" here are the tank destroyers...
Death follow on Swift wings but....
With two Hornies, 2cm AA guns, 3 Stugs and an observer I hope I can overwelm them.. 
Not the first time around sadly but on my second turn of firing I make them pay...
Sadly they get their hits as well and my assault on the right hand objective is driven back with the loss of a StuG.
You can see I did a number on Phil (killing 4 of his 9 platoons in total) but he wins this one 5-3. This is as good as I can do loose the game.  Phil was a great opponent who really knows his army.  The US TDs hurt me but died quickly once I found the range I still don't get what all the fuss I hear about is about. Unlike my other games the dice were fairly even this time around and I don't think either of us made any significant tactical screw ups. It was a most enjoyable day of gaming.  I was the highest scoring player on the Axis side, both our winners had allied armies on US the other Russian.