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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chevaliers D'Argent

Most of D'Argents military is of the modern standing army sort but there are exceptions. The Chassuers de Montana are one example. The Chevaliers are another, this force (its not regimented enough to be called a regiment) is the last remnant of D'Argents feudal army of knights and men at arms.
The Chevaliers are composed of contingents from great nobles of country and their retainers and/or relations.
As such they do not have a standard uniform but wear livery of their own choosing.  Individually brave and skilled riders who are deadly with their weapons the Chevaliers have the makings of an elite unit.
Unfortunately rivalries among the nobles result in internal fighting (Duels) and a general lack of cohesion. 
These men also view scouting, picket work and supply gathering as beneath them, in fact they only role they consider worthy of their effort is attacking the enemy.  For Maurice games I plan to use this as my "Mercenary" unit when attacking. I have to use a cavalry unit since I have 9 infantry units (including one irregular) and 3 cavalry units and an extra infantry unit would put me over the 3 to 1 ratio.