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Friday, March 29, 2013

More 18th Century Civilians

Some additional Civilians from Bluemoon's F&I set.
Setting a few little scene using my fields and two of my previously painted JR Miniature houses.
The Manor house with the Squire his lady the amid and wet nurse and child.
The Squire in blue a good color for a country Gent of the 18th century. The ladies orange dress in inspired by a bridesmaid dress Ariana was stuck in at one point.
The maid in a skirt matching the color of the ladies dress, hand me downs were one of the perks of working as a servant. The wet-nurse holds a baby and is accompanied by an older daughter in a simple brown dress (hey the need to hid dirt on kids is as old as dirt)
Apologies for the seeming to double up on the couple with the small home.  The wife is taking a break from cleaning up to see her husband off as he heads in to town.  I was going for comfortable not wealthy with this couple and I think it works. As a side note its clear that someone at Bluemoon likes his ladies busty.
Close up on the Gent carrying his book with in, maybe it has important records or maybe is simply for reading at lunch time.
Father and son off to gather wood dad carries an axe while his boy has a small pile of sticks in his arms.
The farmer at his plow a quintessential agrarian image.  I think I may need to add some spots or something to the Ox.
A young lady scattering seeds or I really like this figure and don't think these photos really capture it. These were the best of many shots. This is a great set of figures if you want to add a little depth to your back battle field. OK at some point these folks would run from the troops they do add some thing to the appearance of the battle field.