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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bussy Weekend of Gaming 3 The Whiz Tournament Game 1

Game One had me facing off against Nick and his US Armored infantry Company. I have a variation of my StuG battery the scenario is hold the line. I am the attacker (though since he had Patton with him Nick should have been but he forgot this)
Nick has lots of air support this was his first and most successful attack killing one of my StuGs.
I have good observation form a house and start whacking nicks infantry on my left I get a few lucky kills.  These include some of his bazookas and that will be critical.
Nick got six hits with this attack but I made all the saves... Nick had bad luck this game.
Nick advances his men on the right  he got my observer but didn't start early enoght and his Air attacks didn't do enough harm to my guns.
I took two turns of assulting but I broke this infantry platoon... just in time for Nicks Priests to show up and contest the objective.
I managed to win that gun battle just as time ran out giving me a 7 to 1 win. I had really good luck here Nick had really bad luck, his tactics were good and he did not get what he needed out of his Air support.