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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fire Storm Armada- Peace Keepers I mean Aquans

I have had my eye on Firestorm Armada for some time and since Tim is interned in it as well have started putting together a fleet.

I have no Idea what the 2nd edition abilities of the Aquans are but they were the choice I had to make because the battle ship looks like Moya the living ship from  all time favorite Science Fiction TV show Farscape.

Now Moya is a peaceful transport with no weapons but she did give birth to warship Talon, though it the TV series Talon turned out to have psychological issues. Still it serves as a starting point. So in my imaging I figure that in some alternate time line experiment worked (Maybe the one were we see John Crichton as captain of a Command Carrier) and the Peace Keepers now have a fleet of tough Bio-Mechenoid warships.
My battle ship and three Cruisers are painted to look a bit like Moya from the series I pan on using a different approach for frigates and other smaller vessels since I figure those are purely mechanical. So in the not too distant future I should have a fleet of Peace Keeper er.. Aquans to Fight Tim's Federation that is Directorate forces.