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Monday, March 25, 2013

Early War at the Whiz

Jerry is still getting ready for a the early war tournament at Adapticon so I brought my Mittler Panzer company from Hellfire and Back to provide opposition to his French armored company.
 We were playing encounter so I had my Panzer IV(D)s on the board and my Kradschutzen the first time I have been able to sue them.  .
 I took advantage of the recon move to advance into the town.  The numbers did not favor me but I figured they could only get worse.  Jerry also advanced into the village with is deadly Somua tanks.
 My Panzer IVs got one hit killing the most advanced french tank.
 My Motorcycle MG troops tried to pin the French infantry but failed and got cut down by the counter fire the next turn.
 Jerry advanced on the objective and I had no choice but  bring my men in for a close rang Melee.
 Jerry got the first of his reserves looks like the are advancing at dawn here. They Double timed it to get within two moves of my other objective.
 To may matters worse Jerry got another platoon of Hochtkiss tanks advancing up through the village.
 While my platoon of Panzer IVs shot up Jerry's Somua my HQ moved back to cover the objective and got on bail and a kill on the double timing Hotchkiss tanks.
 Jerry go on the objective by I got my Lietch Panzer platoon on his flank and between there fire and that of the HQ Tanks I broke that platoon.
 Finally the Somua are down but more French tanks are closing in.
Jerry got his artillery in play for the second time but I got off lucky avoiding any hits.
My Panzer IV platoon won a multiple turn shoot out at close range with three platoons for French tanks two Hotchkiss platoons and a Somua platoon.  Jerry got a number of hits and had at least one tank bailed for most of the game.  Suddenly Jerry's Company was below half strength and his CO as dead giving me  the win. The event snuck up on both of us.  In a tournament I would have won 5-2 and we had a good 15 minutes left on Jerry's tournament timer.