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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Victory At Sea (well not for me)

It was another Busy night at Game Castle with lots of Hords and 40K being played we historical gamers settled on Victory at sea. Tim fielded a Japanese fleet (including the Yamato and I couldn't quite help singing "we're off to outer space.." the opening lines to the theme from  Star Blazers, sorry guys.) 
 Bob had a British Task Force centered around HMS Nelson and HMS Illustrious.
 I raised my Flag in USS Pennsylvania with a small fleet of US Ships.
My Fleet USS Pennsylvania, Quincy, Milwaukee and three of 4 stack destroyers
Both sides took a damd the maneuvers lets get in and slug it out so we can learn or re-learn the rules, still it was not unlike some surface action I have read about near Guadalcanal excepting the day light.
Bob got an early critical Hit on the IJN Kongo setting it on fire.
 The IJN charges ahead the Yamoato looking huge beside her escorts.
 Bob and Ted plan their moves just off to the left Rob and Ted read the rules and keep pointing out what we are getting wrong.
 USS Quincy (a New Orleans Class Cruise) takes aim at the ships of the IJN.
 One of my destroyers as hit hard

 Torpedoes Away!
 Lots and lots of Torpeados!
USS Quincy is hit hard

 With the torpedo hits resolved the sea suddenly seem very empty
 More Close range action the USS Milwaukee is in close and launches torpedoes at Yamato. Milwaukee has bee hit hard in her turn.
 The Pennsylvania scored a critical hit that damaged Yamato's Secondary armament and now faces torpedo Strikes but my torpedo belt would save me.
 Yamato would also shrug off torpedo damage thanks to her armored belt but shots from the Nelson would leave her dead in the water, though all of her guns were functioning.

I was down to the undamaged Pennsylvania and Bob still had the Nelson but it was on the edge of being crippled and a pair of Destroyers, The Illustrious was also still in the fight. Tim still had Yamatto ( though he was unable to move) and several cruisers. This was a Japanese Victory. If Bob and I were very lucky we could probably have escaped with the Pennsylvania(long shot because it is so slow) and the Illustrious. Other wise Ted would probably make a clean sweep.

I will have a full list of ships sunk tonight or tomorrow (sorry left that list at home)