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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vineyard upgrade and Civilians

So I have had the Battle Front vineyard set for a while and well there is a problem with it, the paint job.
The banding just doesn't look right and that light green is simply to light.  Frankly they look a bit like a caterpillar or something. Well I have been meaning to do something about this for a while and at last I have.
I painted these vineyard in Russian Green and then dry brushed them with yellow green.  You'll also see some civilian figures from Bluemoon that I have been working on.
 I think the end result is far more natural looking.  I might add some wash to these. I kept the paint job below the leaves as is.
 Farmer in a round hat and smock.  This guy is from an 18th century set but he could be a farmer in almost any time period in this out fit.
 Far more 18th century looking in that Jackett and knee britches.
 I really like how this paint job cam out with natural linen for coat and britches, the green really pops by contrast.
Same pose as the guy in Red but more practically dressed for farm work
 A woman working in the field.  I tried to give her "blouse" a calico look by adding small dots of red paint
 another example of a farmer in the same pose this time with a brown scarf and breaches.
A close up of the woman I think the distant picture shows her better but I have included this because its also a close up on the now much improved Vineyard.