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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Victory at Sea 2 Italians VS the USA

 Rob brought his very pretty Italian Fleet, the picture above does not do them any justice. The Red and white striping looks awesome but less then practical.
 Ted brought his US Fleet he ran the USS Iowa and our air support while I ran the screen of 3 Flectcher class destroyers a pair of Atlanta class Lt (AA) Cruisers and the USS Portland.
 I sent the Atlantas and Fletchers racing ahead laying smoke Rob hit my lead Atlanta with fire from multiple ships and quickly crippled it. As a group the Atlanta's had a bad day.
 My Fletchers execute a classic book torpedo attack that would damage the cruiser on the left and cripple the cruiser in the center. 
 Rob's Battle ship lands a critical hit on the Iowa though though it also received several hits.
 One turn latter the Italians have lost a Cruiser to the fire of my DDs and the secondary armament of the Iowa.  Both Atlantas were sunk this turn as well. Then the Italian air force struck.
Swooping in on the Portland I scored several hits with AA fire but they dodged them all and struck!
The bomb penetrated the smoke stack and killed our engineering department leaving my dead in the water.
Long Fire form the Iowa lands multiple critical hits on the Italian Battle ship and US torpedo planes also land heavy damage (even the crippled Portland got in a blow). With fires raging out of control Rob declared the USA victors in this battle. The Iowa gave the US a huge advantage I think Robs fleet might have won but for this one ship. US lost 2 light Cruisers and Heavy Cruiser badly damaged. Italians lost 1 Heavy Cruiser and 1 Heavy Cruiser damaged and 1 Battle ship badly damaged. USS Iowa was hit heavily but was still in excellent fighting shape.