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Monday, April 1, 2013

Huzzah! 2013

Huzzah last year was my first convention experience and I loved it.  I did stay close to home playing Flames of War on Saturday this year I intend to branch out I am staying away form that tournament (Gordon runs a good programs so don't stay away if your inclined).

One of the things I am doing is running my own game.  I am going to use the same scenario as last years Hobby Bunker Game Day The Invasion of England 1759 The Rules will be a modified version of the Blackpowder rule set played in 15mm scale. I hope to get at least 3 players (and I think we can work with up to six) as I want to throw a wrinkle at the French player by having a some what divided command structure.

The French have a commanding general who's goal is to win the battle but Bonnie Prince Charlie (of the 45 fame) has managed to slip into England with the French army and assumes command of the Irish Brigade.   The Bonnie Prince is looking to kill George II the English king who is present on the battle field, you see Prince Charlie hopes to be king of England even though that is not actually on the agenda for the French.

To read about the last Hobby bunker game you can check it out here and as they young fellow said "welcome to England!"