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Friday, April 5, 2013

Task Force AC Capitalships

 So we have been playing some Victory at Sea so I figured I would put together a US task force.  I choose to use ships available in the 1941-1942.  Also if I can I want to use ships that served in both the Atlantic and Pacific. So my two capital ships are USS Saratoga and USS Washington.

Saratoga Nicknamed "Sister Sara" was intended as a battle cruiser but treaty limitation lead to her conversion to an aircraft carrier.  She had something of a reputation as a bad luck ship in the interwar period unlike her sister ship Lexington which was know as a lucky ship.
 I suppose its all a matter of perspective Saratoga did wind up on the receiving end of a lot of Japanese ordinance (including two submarine torpedoes) but unlike the Lady Lex  she survived the war making Saratoga luckier in the end.
 For a battle ship I picked the USS Washington because she had war patrols in both the Atlantic and Pacific in the early war. By all accounts she was a crack ship scoring well in gunnery trials and in maneuvers. 
 Washington might have faced a German Battle ship the Tripitz when she escorted a Mermansk bound convoy in in early 1942. I think this would make a great what if scenario for a game and the Germans might be my second fleet. (Since Tim has an extensive Japanese fleet) Then it was off to the Pacific (Iron Bottom Sound off Guadalcanal  to be exact) for her date with destiny
Where on the nigh of November 14-15 the USS Washington sank the Japanese battle ship Kirishima the only US battle ship to sink an enemy battle ship in a "one one one" gun battle. I expect the Washington will see more action than the Saratoga due to the rules of Victory at see. These ships are Panzerschiffe 1/2400 scale.