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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fun Elements

My sometime Flames of War opponent Jose made a very nice little piece for his friendly foes at the tournament on March 17th at the Whiz. I have been meaning to blog about it but held off  as I had a bunch of projects to work on and post.
 I originally intended photograph and include it with my own building but decided it needed its own space.

 The work is laser cut wood.  Jose did a great job with the texture of the brick and the window and doors on the front and back are quite nice. These are intended to stand side by side so the side walls are blank.
 I plan to paint these and may see if Jose will supply me with some more for my hobby table.
Thanks again Jose for this very unexpected and appreciated gift. Jose has a blog of his own FunElemnts.com so drop in and see some of his other laser items.