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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Huzzah! 2013 Registation is Open

Just wanted to share this message form the event organizers with the readership.

The registration for Huzzah! 2013 is now open for attendees. We have more than 70 events spread across the weekend, including tournaments, miniatures games, expanded board gaming opportunities including a double-session Advanced Civ game, paint-and-take sessions, a wonderful selection of vendors, and even a joust. We've done our best to assemble what we hope will be three days of the very best our hobby has to offer. We hope you agree.

So how can you help? First of all, don't wait. Head on over to register for the convention at http://www.huzzahcon.com/registration/ . Your early registration helps us to gauge attendance and adjust by offering more games if necessary as we get closer to the convention. Beyond registering, please share this email and the links below with your friends and colleagues, anyone who might be interested in joining us for the weekend. If you use Facebook, "like" our page and help by sharing posts so that others can learn about the convention. This is when word of mouth and your enthusiasm makes the difference between a good convention and a great convention.

You can read more on our web page, http://huzzahcon.com , or follow us at www.facebook.com/huzzahcon .

Thanks for your help, and for your support. Huzzah! is growing and getting better every year- thanks to you.

The convention is just one month away. Huzzah!

Historical Wargaming for New England
May 3-5th, 2013
South Portland, ME