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Friday, April 26, 2013

War Gamer Disneyland (Bobs place)

 So I have heard about Bob's home and game space for a few years now.  I have finally seen it and its safe to say Bob has more figures and games than most game stores... probably more than some distributors! Naturally I was drawn to the 18th Century part of the collection like this set in the display case.  
 Rich showing off "his" ship I think the owner ship may be disputed.
 A fun piece of scenery complete with Anubis-scubidoo guardian.  the Game rooms as display of every thing from Axis and allies to War-hammer (I tried to come up with a game that started with Z but no luck) Historical, Science Fiction, Fantasy you name it Bob has it.
 Bretonians professionally painted in Saint Petersburg the pictures does not do them justice.
OK so this is Bob's stock of unpainted miniatures!  larger then my whole collection I torn between envy and the urge to put him in some sort of war-gamer rehab!  Though seriously Bob's a very well adjusted guy who has his life together (at least as well as anyone I know)