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Monday, April 22, 2013

French invasion of England

Sunday I did not head down to the Whiz as I normally do.  I needed to make sure I had things ready for Huzzah! Also my 18th Century gaming collection had gotten a bit disordered in the move back in January so I took advantage of Ariana being at work to sort and organize. It wasn't pretty but its done. The armies for Huzzah! are also ready.

 That is 15 Brigades of troops for both Armies
 British Army with a total of 17 Battalions (Units) of infantry, 4 Regiments (Units) of Cavalry and 5 guns.
The French have 6 Regiments (Units) of Cavalry and 22 Battalions of Infantry (Units) and 4 Guns.  Six of the British Battalions are Militia units so the French have a reasonable advantage though the British will have the advantage of some fortifications.