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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maurice at Game Castle

Harry has a "hall pass" from his wife so we met up at Game Castle for a game of Maurice. I provided both armies.  Mine was a variant of the Duchy D'Argent army 2 elite infantry, 4 Trained and 2 conscript infantry, 3 trained cavalry, 3 guns and an irregular of each flavor. I had Rally to the Flag, Cadence and Oblique.  Harry had 1 Elite and 6 trained infantry (7 with his mercenary) 1 elite and 3 trained Cavalry, and 4 guns. He had Cadence, Oblique and Professional train for his national traits.
 The battle field as above (we did not use a terrain card) I was worried about the cavalry sweeping my left and over protected it.  Calvary spent the battle glaring at each-other. the action was on my right flank.
 Harry who was the attacker started off with a bombardment..
 I moved up to claim the high ground on my right. 
 Harry takes advantage of Cadence and Oblique to get in to position.  Then after a few turn of firing at my center...
 He moves in and the fire fight begins.
 After several rounds of exchanging shots I have broken one of his infantry.
 Harry send in his second wave of troops and I shift my elite infantry and commander to this sector
 And not a moment too soon as Harry charges!
 After the combats are resolved Regiment Taskovics (Red Flag) has broken while Regiment Marini has held (left most unit). Harry is impress with how quickly and painlessly the close combat goes.
 I counter in my turn braking two of Harry's infantry with musket fire the one who charged on the hill and the one that has been on my right Flank then advance to follow it up.
 Harry rallies off some of the damage but the next Volley phase breaks another of his units and with is wife texting him to come home...
 He sends more units in the fray and...
Harry wins two of the three combats but one of his units breaks he is down to 6 rout points and I recover well on the next turn with the help of Rally to the Flag. Its still any bodies game at this point. I have a decided edge and would probably win (I have 12 rout points left). We declare the battle over due to sun down because Harry has to get home. It was great watching Harry get the system and seeing his enjoyment of the game as he got it. I expect he will keep his forces together better in future games.

I see three keys to winning at Maurice (or at least to playing well)
1) keep your forces together (and as large as reasonable)
2) get your General to the right location at the right time
3) manage your cards (the two above help greatly with this)