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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Suggested 18th Century Reading list 2

Dull, Jonathan The Age of the Ship of the Line: The british and French Navies 1650 to 1815 While not nearly as good as his study on the French Navy in the Seven Years War this is an excellent book covering the two most important navies of the 18th century and looks at how developments in one effected practices in the other.

Szabo Franz AJ The Seven Years War in Europe 1756 to 1763 This book covers military operation in Europe with a focus on the struggle in central Europe. The Author is not a fan of Friedrick the Great or Prussia so the book provides a different perspective on the war.

Kennett, Lee The French Armies in the Seven Years War: A study in Military Organization and Administration An excellent book for one who is seeking a deep dive into the French Army of the period its a bit dry but worth pursuing for the very serious student. The authors has also done a similar study on the French Army in the American War of Independence but I have not read that. 

Ward, Christopher The War of the Revolution two volumes An excellent (though dated) study of the American Revolution as a military conflict.  I do not believe I have ever read a book on the AWI that did not have this book in the bibliography. The work is readable with lots of flavorful antidotes and hard facts that illuminate things for a reenactor or war-gamer. War also did a book on the Delaware Continentals (arguable the best regiment in the continental army)  though they are well covered in the two volumes so the second book is rather unnecessary.

Nosworthy, Brent The Anatomy of Victory Lots of great information in here about the tactical minutia of the 18th century battle field. The book is very broad mostly dealing with how armies planned to fight not actual battle descriptions still a good book for understanding how the armies of the period "intended to fight."