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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boston's MFA Museam of Fine Arts.

 Ariana and I took a trip tot he Museum of Fine Arts to see more check out my other blog at some point to day or tomorrow. But I couldn't quite help sharing pictures of these "miniatures" from the Egyptian and Ancient Near East collection. This was one a fleet of boats found at an old kingdom sight (I believe at Abydos)
 This row of soldiers (some of the earliest war gaming pieces?) are I believe form the same location.
 An early leaf shaped dagger from Mesopotamia.  
 A Greek dagger and here is an example of why I a concerned about the Higgins Armory collection moving to the Worcester art museum. Bellow you will see a collection of Hoplite armor
 A very nice bronze shield surprisingly well preserved.
 Greek helmets again in very good shape,
and a greave (shin guard) When Aiana saw this she said "what are they playing soccer?"  The descriptions with the gear did not clearly talk about what these items were or how they worked together. They were displayed for their workmanship, their art not their function(thats not a bad thing just incomplete). I was able describe to Ari how a Hoplite dressed and the logic of their armor but these items could have been put on a manikin Like this
Hoplite. Print from Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Costume Illustration. Taken form Wikipedia.
and rendered the explanation unnecessary. OK off the soap box.