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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

D'Argent Artilery and Battle Front Log Gun Emplacements

 For what ever reason painting artillery just never gets me excited. Still its a necessary part of any army so here are two Guns for use with D'Artgent's Army for Maurice.  Brown and red more or less matches the uniform of Austrian gunners during this period, the 18th Century.  I decided to copy this pattern both because I liked the look and because my Austrian Army is light on guns so these guys are good dual use troops.These guys still need some dull coat but are otherwise ready to go.
the above gun is ready to fire as the NCO reaches for the priming charge.
 The second battery is in the act of loading as the ball is being placed in the gun to be rammed home.
 Another gunner (who has lost his hat) brings up a supply of water for the sponge.
 I recently picked up these a few weeks ago at the Whiz. They are log gun emplacement (Gun Pits) made by Battlefront.  They are a nice product good solid resin construction and just the right size to fit a large Flames of war base.  My one negative observation would be that they come in packs of two and a typical World War II battery in the game is 4 guns. It would make more sense to sell these in sets of 4, BF could save a bit on packaging and the consumer wouldn't need to worry about having to find two in the local store.  The Whiz had two so I was all set.
Unlike some of BF's fortification there are no 55 Gallon Drums or other modern items shown on the base. This is great because it means I can use these a 18th century readouts a field fortification the appears on a number of battlefields in that period.