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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marathon Monday Boston 4/15

Yesterday morning if you had asked me what I thought of the Boston Marathon I would have said something like: Its good for tourism, brings in a lot of money for the city but I am not really all that interested personally.

That was before some one decided to turn it into a blood bath. I have heard 3 dead and 140+  injured.  I hope the first number is true if it is we are very, very lucky.  Though clearly not if your family is affected... as General Eisenhower said "if the person killed is you or some one you love then the casualty figures are 100%"  I offer my prays for the families of the dead and to those fighting to recover from injuries both physical and psychological as a result of this attack.

It seems clear to me that if the person doing this was able to set the bombs off when he, she or they wanted to then they were targeting the people of Boston.  Approximately two hours earlier you would have had a much larger crowed but a more international one as the Elite runners crossed the finish line.  By 2:50-3:00 PM you have the ordinary runners, people who are raising money, commemorating a family member or facing a personal challenge. They and their families are mostly from New England they are us, our families, our mothers, our fathers, our children. Who ever did this wanted to hurt them, not the Elite runners and not the VIPs (most, if not all of whom had moved on by that point).

I had family running cousins from my mothers extended family people I would have mourned had they been lost (luckily they are 'safe').  As I say that I also fear that their is a very real possibility that I will know someone who knows some one hurt or killed by this event, regardless the trauma is real even if it is "indirect."

Remember there is no safety in life you are in just as much danger today as you were on 4/14/2013 or 9/10/2001 you are simply aware of it today. 

Back to the games before long, maybe as early as tonight for now take a moment to pray then go hug someone you love. 

For images: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/first-photos-from-the-scene-of-the-boston-marathon-explosion

some are very graphic but encourage people to look we need to look horror in the eye not hide from it.