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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Comission for Gerry: French 105s

I am delivering these to Gerry tomorrow so he can use them at Adpatacon. Hopefully these French 105s will be a key to victory for him... if not at least they will look good.
 A formidable artillery park the gun models themselves are excellent the figures have the flaws of most of the early war European French lines. (The Burning Empires versions of the French are much better)

 I am very pleased with the staff team and how it turned out
 thought the table looks bare If I had more time I would try to put some sort of map on it.
 These are the older model French 105s the 105 L mle 1913 S
 My understanding Gerry plans to use them with his troops as the "all terrain version" a lighter more modern version. 
 One of two possible Command Team probably the one I would use.
 A second command team there were extra figures so I based them up.  Most players can use an extra command team.
 Two observers the battery can only use one but I think the battery can be split up into two batteries needing two observers.