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Friday, April 12, 2013

Task Force AC screaning vessles

So I have already covered the big ship now its time to address the little ones. First up is the fleets AA protection an Atlanta-class Cruiser.
 Classed by the US Navy as a Light Cruiser  I prefer to think of the Atlanta class as sort of an extra large destroyer. with 16 5-inch guns it can put up a lot of fire at surface targets or at air craft.  I have read accounts form US pilots flying CAP during Japanese air attacks were the pilots have looked down and seen the smoke form AA guns so thick that they though the ships had exploded. Fortunately all the guns are radar guided so the ships do not blind themselves.
 I am probably going to call this one the USS Juneau which sank after the Naval battle of Guadalcanal.  When I was a little kid (and couldn't stay up to see the end) I thought the family in "The Fighting Sullivans" was my grandfathers (my grandfather Joe Sullivan was a SeaBee and survived the war) and even though its not I still feel drawn to that tragic story. 
Finlay the Destroyers 4 Fletcher-Class Destroyers and 4 Benson-Class destroyer.  US Admirals used Destroyers as interchangeable parts even though capability varied greatly from one to another. I will do the same with more excuse naming this Fletcher or Benson 1-4.