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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Maurice at Game Caslte 2

Bob wanted to try Maurice and I was more then happy to oblige him. I used my Army of the Grand Duchy of D'Argent.  Bob got an Anglo-Hanoverian  army 1 Elite infantry 6 Trained Infantry 1 irregular infantry 1 Elite and 3 trained cavalry with 4 guns Bob had Deadly fire for a national advantage.  We each had two notable.
Bob started out by advancing his cavalry on my right wing.
I countered with my own Cavalry and a short sharp skirmish happend.
  Then Bob brought up his infantry int he center. I got a good shot in with my musket then sent Regiment Mixter into the and to hand with Bob's lead regiment.
In a case of art mirroring life Bob plays confusion and Regiment Taskovicts goes running off in the direction the largest concentration of English force on the table.
More skirmishing among the cavalry 
Regiment Mixter hist another British regiment and break it, but is attacked on the flank by British infantry and broken in turn. Regient Taskovics faces the full furry of British artillery.
Cavalry charges break one of Bob's cavalry
Then a follow up charge is launched by all three regiments.
I break another British unit at this point it was getting late and bob was down to 4 rout points and I was still well over 10.  So we called the game another minor victory for D'Argent.  Bob lied the game calling it "a keeper" So I look forward to more battles.