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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hobby Bunker Game Day (2) Black Powder the Invasion of England 1759

Pictures are coming! I hope! 

For the Afternoon game I had 4 players for my invasion of England Game, to speed things up I handled all deployment the English were guarding a fortified town flanked by a small stream (no effect on movement) and a hill with a battery position.

The English force was commanded by the father son team of Scot and Neamy ( I know I got that one wrong and I am sorry kid, Rich has promised to get me the right spelling so I can fix it).  The French were lead Kermit and Byron.

The French plan was simple (but effective) attack all along the English line.

French and English cavalry fought to a sand still on the English right early in the game limiting action here.

On the English left French Cavalry and Swiss infantry pressed in on the Guard Brigade chewing it up and driving back the English cavalry allowing the French to move around that Flank. The French artillery after some false starts joined in and blasted several holes in the guards ranks.

In the center Irish and French troops engaged the English Yeomen and Militia Forces in a savage close range fire fight followed by and even bloodier fight with bayonets and musket buts in the English trenches.  This was the main action of the battle and went back and forth several times with both sides passing break test after break test.

French troops broke through in several spots but the following French brigade were too far back to exploit the opportunity immediately, several unfortunate command rolls left the French with a number of straggling infantry brigades. On the English left the Legion Britanique advance in a spoiling attack pinning a French brigade and threatening to flank the French line as it tried to exploit the break thought.

The battle ended at this point due to time restrictions on the players.  This one is hard to call The french had not broken brigades though several were very, very close. The English only had one broken brigade the Horse guards cavalry. Had the trailing French Brigades been closer to the main line they could have broken into the villages against the much weekend English.

All things considered I would call this battle a draw the french would get away in good order though having suffered considerable casualties. Casualties among the English were also heavy and while the while they could get additional troops they would be only militia not experience regulars.

Highlight of the game Neamy exclaiming "welcome to England" as he threw for musket fire. The young lad had some great luck with the dice and conducted him self with surprising maturity, he can play at my table any time.