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Friday, August 31, 2012

Armies in my Collection Part 2 Flames of War Part 1

I am not sure exactly when but some time in late 2009 or early 2010 I discovered Flames of War at 3 Trolls in Chelmsford. I had just been laid off (to this day 1/20/09 bumper stickers still tick me off not for their political message but because of the moment they speak to in my personal life) and suddenly have lots of time to paint. I decided to do a French Expeditionary corps army I did an infantry list the main companies were a mix of Old Glory early war French  and Battle Front US troops. All the supports are US, I based them on the 13th Demi-Brigade because what could possibly be cool than the French Foreign legion.
  These artillery pieces are from this period and are among my favorite pieces despite the fact that they are judged by most to be useless.

I also built my self a Fallschirmjager army since I figured it would be a good op force for the Free French. they have been that but mostly they seem to get kicked by Chis and his Poles and more recently by the 17th Armor.  
I built these armies a bit at a time, working on them as I also painted my seven years war figures. It was something of a return to the hobby for me as I had spent several years just painting miniatures for D&D.

In 2010 Early war came out and I got the French infantry set to my surprise I do not have any pictures of any part of this army I will have to correct this! I also built a French Recon Army.  These have not see the board often mostly because I seem to wind up playing Germans in the Early. The Recon company did get in a good battle against Aj and Gordon and was used in a demo game against my own Germans

As I said in early war I seem to play Germans this came about format he fact that our mid and early war north Africa games at Adler Hobby had a lot of Allied players. So I built what has become my favorite German army list. the image below is a good representation thought the Panzer IVs have been repainted.
 That new paint job is one of my favorites, and I recently added two more Panzer IVs of this type to my collection.

I also painted a Free French force as part of Adler Hobby's escalation league. The Trirallerures Senegalais are one of the extraordinary stories of World War II.  An flamboyant and aggressive exiled army (leClerk) commander,  a colonial regiment with colorful cast of officers, cast off equipment their allies don't want and an extraordinary trek across the dessert to capture an enemy fort. Had any Americans been involved Hollywood would have made a movie about them. As a flames of war army I have yest to see them win a battle the AT assets just are not good enough but I love the look.
 I consider the colonial infantry I painted a mix of FOW French and English figures to be one of my best World War II infantry pint jobs.

I had intended to do all my Flames of War Armies at once but the I am out of writing time for the day so look for more over the weekend or early next week.