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Monday, August 6, 2012

Painting projects and introducig Tabletop Arena

Last weekend while walking around Lowell, MA for the annual Folk Festival Ariana spotted a stylized dragon poking out from the block of buildings ahead of us. As we got closer we saw the name in the window was "Tabletop Arena" which seamed at least reasonably promising. We went in and found several tables with Magic card games going. We talked to the staff they seemed reasonably interested in have historical games played there so I reached out to the owners about trying to set up some demo games.

In emailing back and for with Tony (one of the owners) we hit on the Idea of me coming in a few Sundays this month to paint and see if it could stir-up any interests.

We had a few people nibble, most seemed more interested in 40k (a game I have never gotten into) but I think they might give FOW or Blackpowder a try if it was offered to them.

Table top arena has a newly stocked rack of GW paints and supplies as well as what I believe to a good selection of Warhamer Fantasy and 40k miniatures. Tony has said they can special odder other products.

Local readers please check out this new games store and keep in mind they have been open a grand total of two weeks so they are a work in progress.  Let me know if you would be interested in joining me some time for a historical demo of some sort.

OK now the pictures. First of since I was am taking my paining on the road I built my self a little travel kit out of a cheep tool box. The work in progress was done at Tabletop the finished work was done at home for those who care.

 We'll see how the Cardboard and duct tape dividers work in the long run
Work has started on the Cappo-Farro Regiment of the Grand Duchy of D'Argent. So far I am pleased with the results. Bellow are close ups of the Officer, Infantry and Drummer. I decided to use a revers color scheme with the musicians.

Below are some casualty markers for use with Blackpowder rule system or for use as disruption markers in Maurice.
White Scout Car for use with my soviet recon platoon or as an American recon element in mid-war.
New Panzer IVF(2) or G for my mid ware DAK army for North Africa. Gives my tanks some long range hitting power with the Long 75mm gun.
Two new Panzer IVF(1) or earlier with the short 75mm I now have six of these a very powerful early war strike force and still a strong force in mid war.
New Platoon leader version of the tanks I had is odd German MG from some random pack so I used it here. Naturally is has no impact on the tank stats it just looks cool.
My Panhard hoard finally has a company commander. The vehicle is Axis and Allies but the figure, hatch and radio antennas are all battle front parts from my bits box.
My french get some heavy metal reinforcement in the form of three Somau S-35 tanks.