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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Armies in My Collection Part 1 The 18th Century

My oldest army is my Continental Army Painted when I was in college at Marquette University.  The army had a reasonable record against Rob Burr's red coats back in the day. They have been re-based for Volley and Bayonet.

After college I slowly add a British army for the Revolutionary war period and added a number of militia units.   I focused on Burgoyne' army form the Saratoga Campaign.

Both now sit on a shelf in my office and fascinate many of my co-workers.  I consider them to be  below average in terms of painting and most of my co-workers give me really funny looks when I say that.
I next started looking at the wars of the 18th century painting French, Prussian, Austrian, the Reich Army, an Anglo-German army and a Scottish Army. These armies were originally based for full size V&B but with AJ's laser service I debased them to two thirds scale. I have used these guys for the campaign with Luke that got this blog started.

More recently this collection has appeared in Black Powder games, The basing works just as well since both V&B and BP have the same use the bases you have approach.

This set was a labor of love as I am fascinated by this period both for its history and the fact that armies have such a great look.  If I could only play one period this would be it.

 My most recent foray into this period has been to start work on my own imaginary nation the Grand Duchy D'Argent for the Maurice game.