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Friday, August 3, 2012

Spanish Village Black Powder Battle

Rob invited me to his place for a game day I had to put in half a day at work and I arrived just in time so see the formidable tank grave yard a pair of German BunkerFlak had made of French and English armor. Then it was time to break out the Napoleonic troops and for Rob to set up his impressive Spanish village. 
 The French have to storm across the river Bob brigade in the back has the object of taking the ford my brigade in the for ground has to take the bridge by the Hacienda.  Tim has the brigade in the center Rob has the French Cavalry that is currently off board.
 No Vacancy say the Brunswick battalion and Artilery Bergi has placed in the Hacienda. 

 More Brunswick troops hold the enclosed vineyard and stables. The Cavalry is dismounted and started disordered to reflect this.
 Bob got his men in motion fast and were soon in place to attack the the German troops. My own men didn't move so well and a force of Skirmishers would frustrate me all day with their failed command rolls.
  Bob's initial assault on the vineyard did not win through but they breached the building walls and skirmishes move into the center. I was still trying to get into position! Were is that light battalion!
 English reinforcements arrive them are actually in column of march not line.
 Bob Breaks the Brunswick infantry and thier cavalry would withdraw from the building rather than be overwhelmed.

 Hey we are finally across the River! but wait were is my light battalion? My infantry were able to force the building though fighting continued in side for another turn. As you can see Bergi got in some good shots on my men as we forced the Bridge.
 Bob and Tim have their side of things well in hand skirmish are engaging the English column heads while infantry move into position.
 More English troops are on the way as Ted's infantry move into save the last of the Brunswickers and engage the French skirmishers. 
 French Cavalry have arrived! They make their way into the center lances and Sabers ready to exploit the hard won crossing.
 Infantry lines engage as Bob weighs the merits of strangling Bergi for his efforts to "help" with the rules. (all in good fun)
 Englsih Cavalry force the French into Square but are no with in range of the French Cavalry!
 I am finally getting men into position but my Irish battalion is having a hard day here!
 "Give them the Bayonet" French infantry attack the English battle line and Tims men would get the better of Teds though at a price.
 Cavalry engage, Squares of Bobs infantry move carefully around the field and Tim's infantry is picking on the last Brunswick troops again!
 Hey don't you English know your loosing the battle on the other wing! Shouldn't you run or something!  Instead they try to attack me, no they do attack me one battalion was already broken along with our gun and the other forward battalion looks like it is in trouble Hey look the light infantry finally caught up with the rest of the Brigade!
 French infantry sweeps into town and Spanish property values fall.
 Hey what did we ever do to Scotland! Rob decided that attacking my brigade made more sense than falling back Highlanders attack and drive back the "foul weather" battalion.
 But with light infantry now on both flanks and three battalions to their front it is the highlanders how have the trouble.
 Battered but still very much in the fight my brigade minus its gun and and one battalion prepare for the final push. I hold my fist objective, I didn't get into the main village but Robs troops were trying to push me back not keep Bob and Tim out of the village so I say mission accomplished!
Final position I hope night is falling soon for the sake of these highlanders or they are going to be buried "over the hills and far away."

I am going to wrap this up with a Thank You to Rob for the invite and the awesome game! Finally here are some pictures of the Spanish Village snapped during set up so you can see the details.