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Friday, August 10, 2012

Prescott Farm and the Sloop Providence

Ariana and I took a trip to Newport RI this week, sort of a mid week weekend.  While many of my photos are tourist attractions we did see some things that might be of interest to the historically minded that can serve for inspiration on the table top battle fields.

First off any War gaming and toy soldier enthusiast should visit the Green Topiary Garden your wife or girlfriend will like flowers and landscape and you can take a look at an excellent collection of vintage toy soldiers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Sadly I did not have an opportunity to get any pictures of said collection.  A lot of other antique toys are also on display that are worth a look.

After the Topiary we visited Prescott Farm which is right down the road  heading pack to Newport.  The first property is the The Hicks House (c.1715), "a simple structure of two rooms and a loft, is believed to have housed the Bristol ferryman and his family. It was relocated to its current site in 1970." (Descriptions are taken from the Prescott Farm website).

 The next structure is "The Guard House (mid-1700s) is where General Prescott may have quartered his bodyguards during the Revolutionary War."

 "The Sweet-Anthony House (c. 1730) is an excellent example of an 18th century, middle-class farmer’s house. It was rescued from demolition as suburban sprawl overtook West Main Road."

"The Robert Sherman Windmill, built in 1812 stands as a reminder of Aquidneck Island’s agricultural history." The mill was used to grind corn for the making of whiskey surely a popular location in the  early 19th century.

Ariana and the Windmill
 The final home is on the adjacent property its colonial in character but may have been expanded over the years its a private residence so I was only able to get on angle.
 Wednesday Ariana and I took a morning sail aboard the Aquidneck II the mimosas were quite nice as were the views. This ship is a replica of the sloop USS Providence one of our nations first warship and a movie star in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

This is the 150th post here at Fencing Frog thank you for reading and your support and encouragement.